BestHome Construction 

Our Difference in Sustainability

Project Sustainability Policy

Long term value creation is dependent on sustainable development of not only our business and the projects that we create, but, more importantly the communities in which we operate and those clients for whom we are creating these projects..

The property industry is defined as all those who produce, develop, plan, design, build, alter, or maintain the built environment, and includes building materials manufacturers and suppliers as well as clients and end use occupiers.

As part of this industry, BestHome are committed to a sustainable development policy that will balance environmental, social and economic issues to ensure that our projects remain viable both now and in the future.

This policy comprises five critical areas: environment, health and safety, employees, business partners and local communities.

By adopting this policy, we can ensure that all of our projects are conceived, constructed and delivered with an emphasis on increasing the efficient usage of resources – energy, water and materials. This results in minimum impact upon the natural environment, reduced waste and pollution and healthier, innovative and eco-friendly buildings that improve occupant health and well-being.

The key principle of our sustainable development policy

All environmental, social, and economic issues are integrated into all stages of the decision making process, from land acquisition all the way through to project completion.

For as long as BestHome have been in business and for as long as we continue to be, we have been committed to the construction and delivery of vibrant, eco-friendly and sustainable residential projects of the highest quality. We have achieved this by being creative, by being innovative, by supporting the local community and the environment and by listening to our business partners and clients every step of the way!