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BestHome Construction is happy to announce that sales of the most luxurious complex of Alanya has started. BestHome 36-37 The Legend. Don’t miss it!

BestHome Construction is happy to announce that sales of the most luxurious complex of Alanya has started. BestHome 36-37 The Legend. Don’t miss it!

Turkish Citizenship for Foreign Investors

The Turkish citizenship through property investment program has been an unequivocal success. It is estimated that, in the last 2 years, 'new' citizen passports have been issued at a rate of more than 800 per day!Since 2019, foreign investors have had a real opportunity to make their dreams come true. Now, when buying a property worth $ 400,000 or more, you can get Turkish citizenship under a simplified scheme. Moreover, the owners of a house or apartment, their spouses and children under 18 can become full citizens directly.

Turkey is a great place for seasonal recreation and for living. Many foreigners dream of moving to the Republic of Turkey for permanent residence. Go into business. Buy your own home. And move to the land of the hot sun with your family.

Real benefits for foreigners

Turkish citizens not only have the right to reside in the country without any obstacles and restrictions, but also have other advantages, such as:

In addition, taxes for Turkish citizens are lower than for foreign investors, as are bank interest on mortgages and loans.

  • Social benefits and assistance from the state;

  • Free education

  • Health insurance;

  • Pension payments;

  • Obtaining loans with a low interest rate;

  • Purchase of land for personal and business purposes;

  • Employment without a work VISA;

  • Possibility of registration of legal entities;

  • VISA-free travel to over 110 countries.

What do you need to know?

It is important to remember that a foreigner who has acquired property in order to obtain Turkish citizenship does not have the right to sell it for 3 years. But a house or apartment can be rented out for a long-term or short-term lease, which will allow you not only to invest money profitably,but also to increase your capital.

BestHome Constructi Our reson company specializes in the sale of Turkish real estate in the best areas of Alanya and other regions of the country.idential complexes are perfect for investment, seasonal recreation and year-round living, thanks to the convenient location, well-developed infrastructure, high quality construction and finishing, our residential complexes are perfect for investments, seasonal vacations and permanent residence.

To buy a house or apartment in Alanya, you do not have to leave the country in which you are located. It is enough to issue a power of attorney for a lawyer at the Turkish embassy, send all the necessary documents by mail. Our consultants will tell you more about the procedure.

When purchasing real estate and obtaining Turkish citizenship, there are many nuances because the documents must be properly drawn up. Our BestHome Construction specialists have full competence and experience from the legal side of this issue.

We cooperate with trusted law firms that specialize in obtaining Turkish citizenship for foreign investors. With our help, more than a dozen clients have successfully purchased high-quality housing in developed areas and become legal citizens of the Republic of Turkey.

Another good news!

Many developers in Alanya offer favorable terms of installments for foreigners who want to invest their capital and become the owner of an apartment or villa at the stage of construction of a residential complex. Thus, Turkish legislation allows you to obtain Turkish citizenship even before the house is put into operation.

To date, the company has 47 completed projects.

BestHome Construction
is a leading construction
company in Alanya

One of the leading companies in the Turkish market. Started as a real estate agency in 2004. To date, more than 47 projects have been implemented in the center of Alanya and in the Oba region. The firm has its own representatives in Germany, America, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Kazakhstan, as well as in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. The company has already concluded more than 1000 successful transactions with foreign citizens living in the CIS, USA, Europe and the Middle East. Today it is a construction company in Alanya, with the help of which any foreigner can profitably and quickly buy an apartment or a private house without leaving his country. All issues are resolved remotely. You can conclude an agreement and issue a TAPU remotely.

You can entrust the after-sale service of your apartment, villa or office to a subsidiary company Leader Management, being sure that all your administrative, legal and financial obligations are fulfilled, as well as consultations on your choice, assistance in obtaining a residence permit and citizenship, legal and financial support for each transactions. Trust professionals with over 17 years of experience in the Turkish market - contact us.


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