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BestHome Construction is happy to announce that sales of the most luxurious complex of Alanya has started. BestHome 36-37 The Legend. Don’t miss it!

BestHome Construction is happy to announce that sales of the most luxurious complex of Alanya has started. BestHome 36-37 The Legend. Don’t miss it!

All about apartment leasing

For those that might consider utilising their property as an income producing asset, then you have come to the right place!

Given the huge amount of incoming visitors and the amenable climate, good quality rental apartments in Alanya are in demand all year round and rental yields are good, both for short and long term rental periods.

The apartments in BestHome Construction projects are not only desirable from a lifestyle perspective, they can also be profitable investment assets. The majority of all units within our projects are sold well before project completion and it a fact that demand for these projects far outstrips supply. In this respect, we have a large database of clients looking to buy only in existing BestHome projects (on a re-sale basis).

So, if you ever feel that the time is right to sell your property (either with or without furniture), be assured that we have many potential buyers ready and waiting!

Regardless of whether you have purchased an apartment for a rental business or for a holiday, and want to rent your apartment only during the period when it is free, our partner company will be happy to provide all services related to the rental of your property:

Professional photos and video presentation of your property

Sourcing of potential tenants

Preparation of leasing agreements

Apartment cleaning upon tenant departure

BestHome Construction
is a leading construction
company in Alanya

One of the leading companies in the Turkish market. Started as a real estate agency in 2004. To date, more than 47 projects have been implemented in the center of Alanya and in the Oba region. The firm has its own representatives in Germany, America, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Kazakhstan, as well as in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. The company has already concluded more than 1000 successful transactions with foreign citizens living in the CIS, USA, Europe and the Middle East. Today it is a construction company in Alanya, with the help of which any foreigner can profitably and quickly buy an apartment or a private house without leaving his country. All issues are resolved remotely. You can conclude an agreement and issue a TAPU remotely.

You can entrust the after-sale service of your apartment, villa or office to a subsidiary company Leader Management, being sure that all your administrative, legal and financial obligations are fulfilled, as well as consultations on your choice, assistance in obtaining a residence permit and citizenship, legal and financial support for each transactions. Trust professionals with over 17 years of experience in the Turkish market - contact us.


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