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Our Difference in Quality

Construction quality is the primary factor of choosing property


We understand that you want your home to be safe, problem-free, remain inhabitable indefinitely and retain its value should you decide to sell it.

We can ensure you that all of our projects are built to the highest of standards.

Innovation – We are constantly reviewing our construction methods to ensure they incorporate the best elements of modern technology.

Specification – By carefully sourcing quality materials we aim to meet the very high standards you expect.

Craftsmanship – Our highly skilled workforce take pride in delivering the exceptional standards on which we have built our reputation.

Design – Intelligent design and attention to detail ensure our homes are built to suit your lifestyle and to keep pace with the demands of modern life.

We value you as a customer and are committed to provide you with a quality home that we are proud of.

Monolithic Foundation

  1. Gravel is used as a capillary break to prevent ground moisture wicking up through the concrete
  2. Concrete blinding. Creates a stable, hard base; prevents corrosion of steel; prevents ground moisture wicking up through the concrete
  3. Double layer of waterproofing membrane
  4. Concrete slab
  5. Foam board
  6. Surface waterproofer


  1. Metal roofing panel
  2. Tyvek – flashspun high-density polyethylene fibers that provide superior air and moisture management
  3. Rockwool – thermal insulation
  4. Vapour barrier – is used to omit the risk of interstitial condensation within a structure as well as improving the general airtightness of the building


  1. Surface waterproofer
  2. Insulation foam board
  3. 40 cm long stainless steel linear shower drain. Prevents bad odours coming up without the use of water
  4. Electrical extractor fan


  1. MDF cabinets
  2. Granite worktop
  3. White goods (built-in refrigerator, dishwasher, induction cooktop, oven, extractor hood)
  4. Granite sink.


  1. Fiberglass (KNAUF) – sound and thermal insulation (between the apartments)


  1. Aluminium Windows