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BestHome Construction is happy to announce that sales of the most luxurious complex of Alanya has started. BestHome 36-37 The Legend. Don’t miss it!

BestHome Construction is happy to announce that sales of the most luxurious complex of Alanya has started. BestHome 36-37 The Legend. Don’t miss it!

BestHome Aria

Apartments with sea view in center of Alanya

Places nearby

Sandy beach 615 m

At 615 meters from the residential complex "Aria" there is a beautiful and well-groomed beach, where free sun beds, umbrellas and refreshing drinks are always waiting for vacationers. A great place to relax with children - there are water slides and swings. There are bars and cafes on the beach where you can quench your thirst and grab a bite to eat. If you wish, you can ride a banana or cheesecake, as well as experience other water attractions. All beaches in Turkey are very clean and comfortable.

Landscaped embankment 615 m

Alanya's wonderful promenade is only 615 meters away. If you want to enjoy first-class Turkish cuisine in a cozy restaurant with a wonderful view of the Mediterranean Sea, then feel free to go to the waterfront. It is very beautiful here - everything is buried in greenery. There are whimsical fountains, living monuments, and wrought-iron statues. In the old port you can rent a yacht for sailing on the sea.

Long park area 615 m

A long park area 615 meters from the complex is a great place to hide from the heat under the crowns of palm and ficus trees. There are fountains everywhere, the coolness of which is soothing and relaxing. The park area runs along the embankment. One of the main attractions is cats, which are always ready to make friends with tourists and give them a drop of their tenderness. Children and adults will like it here.

Best beach restaurants 615 m

Lovers of delicious food at 615 meters will be glad to meet the best beach restaurants in Alanya. Here you can find treats for every taste and budget, from inexpensive traditional Turkish dishes to gourmet lobsters and crabs caught in the Mediterranean. The staff are welcoming and welcoming. The decor in the restaurants is very nice and modern.

Migros jet 200 m

The Migros jet supermarket is 200 meters away. It has everything a traveler needs in Alanya. There is a large selection of fruits and vegetables, meat and sausages, as well as cheeses, alcohol, household chemicals and other goods. You can buy swimwear, panamas and beach shoes, inflatable toys and volleyball balls. The prices are quite affordable. The assortment is excellent.

Supermarket Sali Pazari 200 m

The Sali Pazari supermarket, located 200 meters from our complex, is a place where tourists love to buy souvenirs. Three floors are filled to the dump with a variety of goods - clothes, shoes, accessories, cosmetics, home textiles, luxurious Turkish carpets, household appliances, souvenirs. You can find anything you want here. And according to reviews, all products are of the best quality.

Store 20 m

If you just need to buy water, juice, a loaf of bread or sausages for a snack, you will find a regular grocery store 20 meters from the residence. Chocolate, fruits, sweets, cheese, beer - the assortment is small, but all the products are fresh and tasty. Sellers are friendly and quickly remember regular customers.

Restaurant 100 m

The restaurant, which is just 100 meters away, serves delicious meals for the whole family. The assortment of dishes will delight you. Food is always prepared from fresh ingredients. You should definitely try traditional Turkish sweets here. They also cook very good seafood here. The restaurant has an atmosphere of luxury and celebration.

Farmers' market 500 m

The farmers' market is located 500 meters from the "Aria" complex. It is a must-see here. The range of vegetables, fruits and spices is simply amazing. The meat is always fresh and the seafood is caught from the Mediterranean Sea on the eve of the morning or evening. Turkish farmers are always ready to treat the buyer with their goods, be it dried apricots or homemade veal sausages.

Beauty salon 500 m

500 meters from the residence there is a wonderful beauty salon where you can do your hair, manicure-pedicure, freshen your haircut or touch up your makeup. Women want to stay beautiful and well-groomed even on vacation. It's great that you don't have to go far. Just a few minutes walk, and you will find yourself in a fashionable women's paradise, where you will be greeted with a smile, and accompanied by admiring your beauty.

Ziraat Bank 350 m

To change currency, withdraw cash, apply for a loan or put money on a card, go to Bank Ziraat, which is 350 meters from our complex. It has not only Turkish employees, but also Russian-speaking ones. Feel free to ask questions - people in Alanya are very welcoming and friendly. And the level of service is consistently high.

Pharmacy 200 m

There is a pharmacy 200 meters away, where you can buy pills for headaches, soothing tea, antipyretic, sunburn ointments and a lot of other medicines. The cost of drugs is affordable. Pharmacists are always ready to advise on the choice.

Harbor 1000 m

One kilometer from our complex is the most wonderful of the corners of Alanya - the harbor. Snow-white yachts and old pirate schooners set against the backdrop of luxurious Mediterranean landscapes. It is worth visiting, you can organize a boat trip or just wander around the old port. And of course, take unforgettable sunset photos.

BestHome 35 Aria is a new investment project in the central part of Alanya, Turkey. Real estate in the Güllerpinary area is very popular among both foreigners and local intellectuals. Despite the fact that this is the central part, it is quiet and green here. An apartment on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea is an exclusive product that you can buy for a lifetime!

In addition, BestHome 35 Aria offers two more desirable features - sea and mountain views (from some floors) and a great choice of on-site facilities, including: indoor pool, heated jacuzzi, children's pool, Turkish bath, massage rooms, relaxation area, sauna, steam room, VIP SPA, fitness suite and playroom.

One of the main features of BestHome 35 is a large adjoining area (2.150 m2) and a large outdoor pool (253 m2). Due to the lack of large building plots in the center, such an area is very rare for complexes in the center. The territory includes: walking paths, places for recreation and barbecue, a playground. The pool is designed in the style of elite beach clubs. The design of the common areas is also unique for properties located in the Güllerpinarı area.



Outdoor pool, a children's pool, an indoor pool


Barbecue area, places to relax


Hamam, steam room, sauna, relaxation area, massage room, VIP SPA

Children's entertainment

Children's playground, children's playroom




  • 2.678 m²

    Land area

  • 90

    Number of apartments

  • ground + 8


  • 615 m

    To the beach

  • 2.150 m²

    The area of the adjoining territory

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Company experience

Our company has its representatives in the USA, Russia, Norway, Finland, Germany, Ukraine, Iran, Denmark and Sweden. We have helped over 1000 foreign investors from America, Europe, the CIS and the Middle East to buy real estate in Alanya at a profit.

Buying real estate as an investment

Due to the unique location of residential complexes of residential complexes and high quality construction, we guarantee stable profits for investors who purchase houses and apartments in Alanya for short and long-term rentals.

Trust management

The management of residential complexes BestHome Construction in Alanya is carried out by a subsidiary company Leader Management, providing customers with a full range of services and warranty obligations.

Quality and reliability

Our motto is 'Best Advertising - First-class Quality'. We know how to find an individual approach to clients. We independently finance the construction of residential complexes, provide our clients with bank guarantees. And the legal purity of transactions guarantees the safety of investments.

Terms and guarantees

We strictly adhere to the deadlines for putting objects into operation, we control the construction at every stage. We provide guarantees for up to 5 years, including the exterior finishing of the network and water supply.

Custom design

Individual design - during the construction phase, our clients can order redevelopment of premises, as well as the development of a unique design, taking into account their requirements and wishes. BestHome Construction employs first-class designers and architects. For maximum transparency, cooperation and customer support is carried out in the investor's native language, including the registration of the monetary policy.


For maximum transparency, including drawing up a purchase and sale agreement, customer support is carried out in the investor's native language, including the execution of the contract of sale.

Our office

Our office is located in the very center of Alanya. Three floors, one-stop service - sales, property management, post-sales services, after sales and designer services

BestHome Construction
is a leading construction
company in Alanya

One of the leading companies in the Turkish market. Started as a real estate agency in 2004. To date, more than 47 projects have been implemented in the center of Alanya and in the Oba region. The firm has its own representatives in Germany, America, Russia, Ukraine, Iran, Kazakhstan, as well as in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. The company has already concluded more than 1000 successful transactions with foreign citizens living in the CIS, USA, Europe and the Middle East. Today it is a construction company in Alanya, with the help of which any foreigner can profitably and quickly buy an apartment or a private house without leaving his country. All issues are resolved remotely. You can conclude an agreement and issue a TAPU remotely.

You can entrust the after-sale service of your apartment, villa or office to a subsidiary company Leader Management, being sure that all your administrative, legal and financial obligations are fulfilled, as well as consultations on your choice, assistance in obtaining a residence permit and citizenship, legal and financial support for each transactions. Trust professionals with over 17 years of experience in the Turkish market - contact us.


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