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BestHome Construction is happy to announce that sales of the most luxurious complex of Alanya has started. BestHome 36-37 The Legend. Don’t miss it!

BestHome Construction is happy to announce that sales of the most luxurious complex of Alanya has started. BestHome 36-37 The Legend. Don’t miss it!

Neval Onac

November 23, 2021

Apartment in Alanya

Many tourists who have been in Turkey, want to buy their own apartment in this country. Especially popular is the city of Alanya, as it is a beautiful resort with a mild climate, and besides it is very attractive for buying or long term rental property. If you have such a thought, we will gladly help you to understand all the nuances of the apartment deal in Alanya without intermediaries and pick the most suitable variant. We will help you to buy an apartment in Alanya from a developer (we are a development company).

How we can help you with apartments in Alanya

To buy, sell or rent an apartment in Alanya, you need to go through several stages of the transaction. If you have never had to go through these steps on your own it can be very difficult and sometimes even more time consuming. What we can do for you:

1. We will tell you all the rights and responsibilities of foreign owners, and what kind of housing they can buy.

2. We search for real estate or real buyers. You can find thousands of apartments for sale in Turkey, but we have our own database, and we will find a suitable apartment for your needs and capabilities.

3. We can help you with the lease, the contracts, the payments, the receiving of the property rights and other procedures.

4. We'll help you deal remotely, which is almost impossible to do on your own.

5. We shall tell you what additional expenses you will face after the purchase of the apartment; these are state duties and taxes.

In general, from us you will receive full support and assistance, our company-developer has prepared for you the best options for apartments in Turkey.

What you need to do to live in an apartment in the center of Alanya

We take care of the selection of apartments, registration and other procedures related to the transaction. All you need to do is choose which apartment to buy. Alanya is a very beautiful city, located on the coast; there are many Russian speaking residents, which is very convenient. If you've been there, you understand the beauty and the climate we are talking about. But a vacation and a permanent residence have several differences, so you should approach the purchase of real estate responsibly.

What you need to pay attention to:

1. In what area is the housing - the city is divided into several districts, some of them are located in close proximity to the sea, and others a little further. Firstly, depending on the area will affect the price of housing, as the apartment in the center of Alanya or directly on the beach will cost more. And secondly, having studied each area of the city, you can choose exactly what you need, whether it is a beach holiday, a bustling crowded center and entertainment, historical sites, or on the contrary, solitude, away from large crowds.

2. the infrastructure around - as mentioned above, this may be an apartment by the sea in Alanya, or may be a home away from it. But that's not all, study what institutions, stores and services are close to the proposed home that is in walking distance, and to which place you have to travel. If it is a housing complex, study its internal infrastructure.

3. Communications - in general, in Alanya there is no familiar to us the central heating system, usually for this use heaters and gas cylinders. During the summer vacations, this question does not bother anyone, but if you live permanently, it is worth thinking about. You need to study the cost of maintenance of apartments in Alanya, how much it will cost for electricity, heating, maintenance of additional facilities such as swimming pool. Naturally we will help you with this and give you the information you need and you will choose the best one.

You can contact our company and ask any questions, no matter at what stage you are only at the idea to buy a home in Turkey, or are ready to do it right now. Want to buy an apartment in Alanya from the developer - contact us!


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