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BestHome Construction is happy to announce that sales of the most luxurious complex of Alanya has started. BestHome 36-37 The Legend. Don’t miss it!

BestHome Construction is happy to announce that sales of the most luxurious complex of Alanya has started. BestHome 36-37 The Legend. Don’t miss it!

Gulden Ay Gurer

September 7, 2021

Family vacation in Turkey. Rest with children

In the list of countries for family vacations Turkey rightfully takes one of the first places. And there is nothing surprising - because the industry for family holidays here is more developed than anywhere else in the world. Holidays in Turkey with the whole family, with children comfortable, profitable and safe. All the advantages of family holidays in Turkey have long been appreciated not only by Russians but also many Europeans who are happy to return to Turkey again and again.

The best time to rest in Turkey

Among the obvious advantages of a holiday in Turkey with the whole family - visa-free border crossing, a wide choice of beaches, resorts, accommodation and meals, the widespread use of all inclusive systems (all inclusive), special conditions for children, a developed entertainment infrastructure. Turkey is washed by the Black Sea, Aegean Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, and it is not surprising that the beaches differ from each other. The beaches of the Aegean Sea are mainly pebbly, on the Mediterranean coast there are both pebble beaches and sandy. The season on the beaches of the Black Sea lasts from June to September. On the Aegean Sea is worth going from May to October. The longest season on the Mediterranean Sea - it lasts from April to November. The climate of the Mediterranean coast is milder, and acclimatization is faster. Keep in mind that in the hottest months - which is traditionally July and August - with children under 3 years is better not to go to the sea: the sun is too active, and will do more harm than good.

Hotels for recreation with children in Turkey

As a rule, hotels in Turkey, which specialize in receiving families with children, openly declare it. Such hotels always have family rooms, and the restaurant offers a children's menu, in rental centers you can rent equipment for children's leisure. Hotels actively invest in their own infrastructure - swimming pools or even small water parks with slides for children, children's clubs with all the necessary equipment, animators and babysitters to make sure that in the absence of parents nothing happens to the children, and help them communicate with each other. The clubs accept children from 4 years and older, here the kids can draw, play, watch cartoons. Usually there is at least one shady alley on the territory of the hotel, where you should start walking with your child, so he does not get sunburned. Well-established infrastructure helps both parents and children to relax without being tied to each other 24 hours a day, and everyone will have their own stock of impressions.

However, as always, completely relaxed, going on holiday with a child, even in hospitable Turkey, do not - the safety and comfort of the child must be in first place. For example, a children's pool must be served in compliance with all sanitary norms. If your baby - allergic, or adheres to a different menu, you should make sure that the hotel restaurant has products that he can eat. In the hotel, he will have to communicate with other children, so kids who are not used to communication may have problems at first, but usually after a short time kids start playing together, despite the language barrier. By the way, in Turkey, there is practically no - the staff of hotels and stores are mastering the Russian language, so the Russians to vacation in Turkey every year more and more comfortably.

Parents are often in doubt about whether to go with the baby in a hotel, working on an all-inclusive system (all inclusive). Experience shows that it is not only convenient, but also beneficial, because parents do not have to worry about how to feed a child if he gets hungry before dinner. You can always feed your baby at a convenient time for him, get a drink, a treat or fruit, and older children in general can eat on their own.

Entertainment for children in Turkey

There are large water parks near most resorts in Turkey. For children and adults to spend the day on the slides and in the pools - a great pleasure. Hotels will always advise how to get to the water park, many hotels collect groups for transfers to and from the water park. In the Antalya area you can visit the water parks Dedeman and Aqualand, in Alanya there is a water park "Planet Water", in Kemer - "Water World". Marmaris has a water park "Atlantis", from Kusadasi you can go to "AdaLand" and "Aquafentesi". The resort of Belek has a water park called "Troy". Going to the water park, parents need to think about the safety of your baby and food, because usually visiting the water park takes a whole day. It is necessary to ensure that the child is not overcooled and does not slip. Keep in mind that the prices in the water park cafe, as a rule, are higher than outside of it.

Teenagers need new experiences besides playing and swimming, so plan excursions in advance. For example, you can go with children to Pamukkale - a place where the famous cascades of snow-white rocks and thermal lakes. Pamukkale is shrouded in a lot of mysteries and legends, your family will provide a vivid impression of the trip and colorful photos. There are ruins of ancient buildings near Pamukkale, and children who are interested in history will be especially interesting to visit there. Another popular and incredibly beautiful place in Turkey is Cappadocia. The unique landscape of this area has been created by nature for many centuries, and later in the soft volcanic rocks people who settled in Cappadocia even before Christ, built multi-storey cities with an elaborate ventilation system, which functions to this day.

You can go to Cappadocia in groups, which are formed in all major resorts. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of flying around the fantastic landscapes of Cappadocia in a hot-air balloon. A visit to Cappadocia is sure to be one of your child's most memorable experiences. You can go on excursions with children to the ancient cities of Ephesus, Side, Phaselis, Aspendos, Konya, Demre. In Turkey there are many popular among the pilgrims places associated with the names of the saints. There are many beautiful islands off the coast of Turkey, where you can go on excursions - Kekova, Dalyan, Sedir in the Aegean Sea.

In addition to educational tours, Turkey offers unique entertainment programs. Features of the landscape and a variety of natural areas of Turkey can make safari jeep, sailing on yachts, fishing and rafting in mountain rivers. All these activities, as well as communicating with nature will give children and adults a lot of joy and unforgettable vivid impressions.


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