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BestHome Construction is happy to announce that sales of the most luxurious complex of Alanya has started. BestHome 36-37 The Legend. Don’t miss it!

BestHome Construction is happy to announce that sales of the most luxurious complex of Alanya has started. BestHome 36-37 The Legend. Don’t miss it!

Neval Onac

November 20, 2021

Developers in Alanya

Turkey attracts many tourists with its warm climate, unique scenery and reasonable prices. Many want to stay in this country for a longer period and buy their own real estate. The most common option to purchase a home is to invest in a still under construction projects, so many are interested in the best developers of Turkey, in Alanya.

Why choose new buildings from developers in Alanya

Our company is ready to help you choose a better project and buy your own real estate in Alanya, one of the most popular Turkish cities. Why should we choose new builds and not second hand apartments:

1. First of all, it is lower prices for apartments, which is always attractive. In the initial stages of construction of the house prices are always lower than in ready-made facilities, which add up to 30% in value.

2. Major developers in Alanya are ready to offer favorable terms of the deal and different payment options. Many offer an installment plan, which makes buying an apartment in Turkey even more affordable.

3. Buying a home under construction, you can immediately make adjustments, starting with the finish, ending with an unusual layout and the number of outlets in the apartment.

We will assist you with every step of the transaction, advise you on payments, installment plans, and ownership rights. You will not be alone in a foreign country; we will tell you how to proceed in any particular situation. We are one of the best real estate developers in Alanya.

What are the risks of cooperating with builders in Alanya?

If you don't have any experience with new buildings which are still under construction then naturally you will have a lot of questions. We will give you the answers to the most popular ones in order to alleviate your doubts:

1. Is the house really going to be finished? - If we are objective, there are almost no unfinished projects in Turkey, especially when the best developers in Alanya are concerned. In addition, before starting construction, the builders undergo many different procedures, get a permit, show their financial situation, which proves that the house will be completed.

2. will the appearance of the complex match the picture? - Before the construction begins, the projects are approved in several instances, and absolutely everything is taken into account - from the square footage of rooms and wall height, to the additional infrastructure of the complex. If the project does not meet expectations, it simply will not be issued a technical passport. Developers in Alanya is very expensive reputation, so they can not allow inaccuracies. The beautiful picture of the future project you get only after it was accurately calculated and approved.

3. Will the construction be finished in the declared terms? - Absolutely, because builders declare the date of delivery of the project in all official documents, so in case of delay, he will not only fail the investor, but also will be responsible to the state. If there are delays, the construction company is subject to fines, ruining its reputation. Of course, situations can be anything and justified small delays are possible, but practice shows that this happens very rarely, but if it happens, the builder is trying to find a compromise with customers.

We suggest that you find out more by contacting us at the contacts listed on the website. We will tell you in detail about all the details of cooperation with developers in Turkey in Alanya, what you need to do, what are the proposals specifically for your needs, and help to arrange the necessary documents. If you want to buy a property from the builder - contact us!


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