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BestHome Construction is happy to announce that sales of the most luxurious complex of Alanya has started. BestHome 36-37 The Legend. Don’t miss it!

BestHome Construction is happy to announce that sales of the most luxurious complex of Alanya has started. BestHome 36-37 The Legend. Don’t miss it!

Emre Erdem

September 7, 2021

Apartments in Alanya

Alanya is the ideal city in Turkey not only for vacations, but also to move there permanently. If you seriously interested in this issue, you can find many enthusiastic stories about life in an apartment by the sea. Especially note the long summer season, mild climate, pleasant and nonbreathable air in the absence of factories and industry, livability, reasonable food prices and an abundance of fruits. So buying a seaside apartment in Alanya is a great first step to a new life!

Buy an apartment in Alanya with a developer!

Alanya is a town in the province of Antalya, located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. About 400 thousand people live here permanently. The city was founded by Greek colonists in the second century BC. Alanya today is a dynamic city in Turkey, which is perfect for seasonal holidays and memorable travels, and for moving for a while or permanently. Buying an apartment in Alanya (Turkey) gives you the right to become a Turkish citizen more easily and quickly, which is a plus for those who want to settle in your new country. Infrastructure in Alanya is well developed: from pristine beaches that stretch for tens of kilometers by the sea, to all kinds of cafes, shopping centers and gyms.

The advantages of Alanya include mild and hardly noticeable winter, delicious and affordable food at local canteens, clean air. A nice plus for those moving to Alanya from Russia will be Russian-speaking district Mahmutlar. It is home to a large number of Russian-speaking families who are friends with each other.

Buying an apartment in Alanya

You can buy a property from a developer as a move to Turkey for permanent residence, and for seasonal holidays. You can choose an apartment in the city center or in its province. Alanya is alien to the frenetic pace of life in megacities - here in the outskirts and in the center no one is in a hurry and does not pursue anything. Life in the Turkish town is here and now.

Why buy from a developer? It is a guarantee of quality and fair deal. You can buy an apartment under construction or consider completed options.

New buildings in Turkey from the builder

Buy an apartment by the sea in Alanya, you can without flying to Turkey. Simply visit our real estate agency BestHome website. BestHome staff will be happy to advise you on all issues and help you find the perfect apartment or villa for you!

To do this, our experts need to know the individual wishes of the client:

  1. Apartment or villa.Budget.
  2. District.
  3. Area.
  4. The proximity of the apartment complex to the sea.
  5. For living or passive income (for rent).

After clarifying all the details we will find for you an option that meets all your needs for the most comfortable life in Alanya.

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