We at BestHome consider land acquisition and development as both an art and a science

BestHome Construction 

Our Difference in Land Acquisition

Land Acquisition is an art. It requires instinctivity, creativity and vision to transform a concept into reality.

As a science, it is a systematic progression through a series of activities in order to accomplish a successful outcome – in our case, the delivery of a completed and desirable project.

In order to identify those sites that present themselves as investment opportunities for our clients, we will undertake a series of processes before we make the decision to acquire. These processes include market analysis (is this a suitable site for overseas buyers?) and formal due diligence (is the land for sale and without debt?).

The primary consideration for BestHome is an understanding of market opportunity – in short, if we build here, does the project present a good investment opportunity for our clients? Market analysis provides the information needed in order to determine the most marketable product, to establish competitive pricing and identifying any niche opportunities – for example, what unique opportunities does this land present that have not previously gone before.

Another primary consideration is project composition – is there a higher demand for smaller or larger units – based on assessment of the sales in previous projects and an understanding of current demand, we will know if 1 bedroom apartments should feature more, or whether 2 bedroom units (or larger) should be in the majority.

Let’s not forget the oft used adage about buying property

It’s all about Location, Location, Location!!!

Our reputation as a major player in the industry, combined with a strong financial standing and partnerships with some of the foremost Turkish banks means that we very often have access to new land availability even before they go to market! BestHome have earned an impeccable record for siting projects in only the very best locations in Alanya – whether you want to be in the heart of the city, close to the best shopping centres or within earshot of the beach, we have a home to suit everybody!