Figures given by the Chamber of Commerce show that Alanya has become one of the top 10 destinations in Turkey in which foreigners make an investment. Official date shows that since the 1990’s sales of property via Tapu (title deed) transfers has been increasing year on year. Many coming to settle here and make a new life for themselves.

More than 23000 people from over 100 countries are now living in the Alanya region.

Due to the latest changes in buying reciprocity, and the increase of who can buy here, it is expected that the Arab and Middle Eastern buyers will show a great interest in purchasing property here.

According to the official institutions of foreign investors, especially in recent years, the strongest interest has come from the Scandinavian countries, followed by the Germans and the Russians.  

Alanya’s property market will significantly benefit from major investment in the local infrastructure, including the expansion of Gazipaşa airport and the commencement of construction of 5 new golf courses – in addition, there are also plans for the creation of a new ski resort 

Many investors are attracted to Alanya because buying Property here is really profitable investment. The average capital appreciation of property in Alanya is 7% per annum. ( this figure is likely to be higher upon completion of the aforementioned golf courses and the airport expansion). The unique location of BestHome projects guarantees an annual increase in property value. Moreover, if you buy a property during the construction period, you will also benefit from increase of value during the this period. For example, an apartment valued at 175.000 Euro (during construction) will be values at around 215.000 Euro upon completion (an increase of around 23% ). If we calculate an annual average increase of 7% per year, then after 6 years, the property value will have increased by 72.000 Euro. If you rent out this property for 1.000 Euro per month, over the same period of time, then the accrued rental income will be 72.000 €. Based on these figures, we estimate than your property value would increase by 100% in 8 years.