Modern Living Spaces where Design is Paramount

BestHome Construction

Our Difference in Design


 In the competitive world that is the Alanya real estate industry, it is important always to stay ahead of the competition – one way to do this is by offering something totally unique in terms of design, both externally and internally.

 As an example, all Best Home projects are low-rise and the external facade will incorporate a mix of materials and finishes that will set it apart from other developments in the area – additionally, the external social areas will comprise lush landscaping, decorative walling and a tiled sun terrace surrounding the pool.


For the interior of each property, we have a highly skilled and specialised interior design team that enable us to constantly deliver modern living spaces of the very highest quality – this quality is evident throughout, not just in the fittings and fixtures but also in the design detail. For example, the kitchens have an ample expanse of bench space and ample upper and lower storage, both critical elements in modern apartment living.


In addition to the interior design being streamlined and aesthetically pleasing, all fittings and fixtures are long lasting and hard wearing.


By paying close attention to these design details, we believe our projects are a cut above the rest and one of the the primary reasons why our projects are so successful – as an example, some 75% of all units (within any project) are sold well before project completion.

Additionally, this close attention to detail ‘adds value’ to all units within a specific project and will go some way to ensuring its status as an investment asset, both at the time of purchase as well as at the time (if appropriate) of reselling.

These ‘value added’ details are also important for those clients that are ‘buying to rent’ – with the rental market in Alanya continuing to grow, highly specified apartments (within a good location) are at the top of every renter’s wish list!